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Breaking News - 21 Feb 2024

We have purchased an Aprilia Tuareg 660!!

Prototyping has wrapped, real-world testing has finished, and production has begun:

  • CM-5 Modular rack system (5-piece design accepts nearly ALL luggage systems)

  • SB-3 Center-braced crash bar system

  • SG-6 Sump guard cradle system (does not fasten to engine)

  • SF-1 Shifter bushing & thru-bolt kit (virtually eliminates breakage)

  • KF-1 Kickstand Spring relocation link (moves the springs up out of harm's way)

  • Watch this space!!

Product Notes

CM-3 Case Mounts for the 10-14 Multistrada are on special - $250!!

CM-1 Case Mounts for the 03-09 Multistrada are now IN STOCK

My old 2004 Multistrada, always a faithful companion, now off to her new owner - 80k miles and still counting....

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