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SH-1 Shift/Rear Brake Lever Bushing for:
2022+ Aprilia Tuareg 660


(1) SH-1 kit is needed per lever.

In stock

The factory-supplied shift/rear brake lever pivot bolts are very weak, and can snap from something as simple as a parking lot tipover, let alone trail abuse. The problem is compounded by the fact that the threaded portion must be extracted from the frame, which is near-impossible to do while on the trail, in the middle of nowhere.

Our specially-engineered bushing is an order of magnitude stronger than the factory-supplied pivot bolt. It incorporates a wide shoulder to disperse the forces away from, rather than into, the bolt's threaded portion (which is the weakest part.) We supply a grade 10.9 bolt to use with the SB-1, which has almost 40% more tensile strength than the factory shoulder bolt. This a true-bolt-on solution, but we can go one better:

For the ultimate in strength, and enabling easy trail side repair, we also include a longer bolt with locknut. Using this system requires drilling out the threads in the aluminum frame side plate, and we include the correct drill bit and instructions. We also include an extra bolt and locknut to bring with you on the trail in the extremely unlikely event you manage to snap the first one.

The SH-1 comes finished in black hexavalent chrome plating, and all hardware is zinc plated.

KL-1 Kickstand Linkage for:
2022+ Aprilia Tuareg 660




In stock

As many owners have found out, the low-hanging kicktand spring studs can be snapped off rather easily while using the bike off road. The kickstand safety switch is also very vulnerable to trail damage, and if impacted, could possibly prevent the engine from starting.

Our KL-1 kit very cleverly repositions the springs much higher, and out of harm's way, by means of a simple bolt-on bracket.

NOTICE: Installation of this kit REQUIRES disabling the kickstand safety switch, which prevents the bike from being started while in gear. If the bike were to be started in gear, it is very likely to lurch forward and fall over, possibly injuring you or someone nearby, and damaging the bike.

There are several widely-available kickstand safety switch eliminators, such this one from AF1 Racing

The KL-1 is made from 304 stainless steel, and comes with hardware and instructions.

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